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Welcome to Best Dumb Shirts!

Best Dumb Shirts Cover

Hi and welcome to Best Dumb Shirts! We, simply put, have the best dumb shirts you’ve ever seen! We’re not willing to bet on that because we’re not gambling people (that is a total lie) but we feel pretty strongly that you will at least like a couple of our shirt designs. If not, well… then I’m not sure what I could do to make it up to you. Maybe I could wash your car? You’d have to pay for travel and accommodations though. Perhaps I could offer a prayer to the trees? Nah, they don’t care. You don’t either I bet. I could keep coming up with crazy designs until you do like something. Yeah, that’s it. We’ll keep putting out crazy shirts in the hopes that we’ll make a shirt for literally everyone. Awesome. Now I can finish my coffee. Have fun everyone and we seriously hope you find the site fun and easy to use.

RJB – BestDumbShirts CEO.